Robert Ertel, LMT
From Pain and Stress to Relief and Bliss!


Signature Massage – What most of my clients keep coming back for! A perfect blend of therapeutic and relaxation work. I start by relieving any current areas of pain or stress. I use several different techniques  to relieve pain and ensure relaxation. It can be as focused or as general as you like and is fully customizable regarding pressure and areas worked on. 

Sports Massage -   For professional or amateur athletes, fitness enthusiasts and frequent exercisers. I offer two types of Sports Massage:

Sports Maintenance – a 60 minute session that uses percussion, compression, and jostling techniques along with targeted stretching for optimal range of motion and performance. Recommended during training, and before events or intense periods of exercise.

Sports Recovery – a 90 minute session that focuses on soothing and restoring sore muscles after an event or intense periods of exercise. Swedish and sports techniques are combined with full body or targeted stretches. Recommended after and between events or intense periods of exercise. 

Deep Tissue Massage- This is a deeper, slower massage that focuses on addressing fascia and layers of muscles and muscle attachments to relieve restrictions and improve muscle health and range of motion. I relieve trigger points and break up adhesions and scar tissue using minimum or no lubricant. 

Medical Massage - I am a Certified Medical MyotherapistTM from Haase MyotherapyTM. I use techniques from this advanced training as well as other specific, focused techniques to address injuries and chronic conditions. The sessions are 30 or 60 minutes and may require several treatments. Most of this work is done while you are wearing loose, comfortable clothing. Some of the conditions I treat are: Headaches, TMJD, Carpel Tunnel Sydrome, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Plantar Fasciitis, Golfers Elbow, Tennis Elbow, Lumbar disc and SI Joint Issues.

Hot Stone Therapy - This is a full body treatment using heated stones of various sizes. The heat is soothing and relaxes muscle, fascia, and joints while using a medium pressure. Stones are placed on the body and also used to massage. 

Pre-natal / Pregnancy Massage - This massage is done with the client laying on her side with bolsters/pillows. Although specific issues of pain or discomfort are addressed, there is also systemic benefit of a full body massage, relaxing and calming the nervous system and reducing stress. 

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