Total Body Solutions, LLC

Massage & Fitness Specialists

Hours and Scheduling
Sunday12:00 pm-06:00 pm
MondayBy Appointment Only
Tuesday10:30 am-04:00 pm
Wednesday03:00 pm-09:00 pm
Thursday03:00 pm-09:00 pm
Friday03:00 pm-09:00 pm
Saturday10:00 am-06:00 pm
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Cancellation Policy
Due to the Covid-19 situation we are rescinding our cancellation policy and ask that you do not come in if you are ill or displaying syptoms of the cold, flu or Covid-19. Also, do not come in if you have been exposed to the virus within 14 days. Please be considerate and cancel as early as possible. 

Late Arrivals - arriving late for a service may require shortening the length of the treatment.

I look forward to serving you!