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"Over the years I've been to many spas including Mario Tricocci, Urban Oasis and Spa Space. I have never found a therapist as talented as Robert. His combination of therapeutic and relaxing techniques is amazing!" - Marie G. -September 2018

"Robert consistently finds all my knots and sore spots and makes me feel like a million bucks. The effects of his massage are longer lasting than most I've had and it is the best 90 minutes of my week!" -Paul G.- October 2018

I have been working with Robert for over 5 years. He is a caring, knowledgable, and responsive thrapist. He is very skillful and adapts massage treatment according my needs. I highly recommend him. -Susan H. - August 2019

I’ve been going to Robert for about two years. I went to him based on another friend’s strong recommendation. I’m very active with sports and I tend to be a weekend warrior (late 40s). He helped me work through pain in my lower back. Shortly after this, I needed hip surgery and massage really helped me heal much faster. Today, I see Robert on a regular basis as part of my general wellness routine. At my appointments, I point out any soreness and he works on the problem areas (back, knee, hip, psoas, shoulders) and if there is none, he just does a thorough overall massage. I highly recommend Robert! -Kevin L. -August 2019