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Corrective Exercise (New!)

Better Posture. Improved Joint Movement. Less Injuries. Less Pain.

The Human Movement System (HMS) is comprised of the Muscular, Skeletal, and Nervous Systems. All three systems must each work efficiently to come together to produce quality movement.

Corrective Exercise is the systematic process of identifying postural distortions and muscle imbalances in the HMS, developing a plan of action, and implementing an integrated corrective strategy. 

Research suggests that musculoskeletal pain is more common now than it was 50 years ago. Poor movement quality as well may adversely impact injury rate, biomechanical stress and even physiological stress. Much of the reason for this is long periods of sitting, poor ergonomics while using technology, and repetitive use patterns. 

Total Body Solutions is unique in that we integrate manual therapy to inhibit overactive muscle proprioceptors and smooth out adhesions. This is combined with assisted stretching, and an exercise program that you can do yourself with body weight or minimal equipment. This powerful combination will lead to better posture, improved movement quality, less injuries, and less pain.

Corrective Exercise Initial Assessment - This is an hour long session that starts with static and dynamic postural assessments. From here, we design a program with 4 -6 week increments to address muscle imbalances and postural distortions with a combination of self monitored exercises and massage sessions to specifically target the appropriate muscles to create optimal posture and movement. This initial session also includes a core training routine to implement immediately.