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Dynamic Upgrades

Percussion Tension Release - The Theragun Elite is a high intensity, rapid percussion device that is currently being used at chiropractic and physical therapy offices. This add-on is perfect when you need a lot of attention to a particular area or dysfunction. It is mixed in throughout the session to warm tissues and loosen fascia and tight muscles. This allows for more comfortable deep work. $15 (choose when booking a service) Free with monthly membership.

Aromatherapy - We use quality essential oils via a diffuser and may also be added to your lotion or oil. A hot towel may also be added at the start of the service to further relax you. $15 (choose when booking a service) Free with monthly membership.

Contrast Therapy - The perfect compliment for your Medical or Deep Tissue Massage Session. We start with a heat pack, or hot towel and use Prossage Professional grade warming rub to go deep into the muscles and fascia while minimizing tenderness. Biofreeze Professional Pain relieving gel provides and cooling pain relief effect at the end of the session. $$15 (choose when booking a service) Free with monthly membership.

Cupping MassageCupping benefits the organ network and all body systems, warming tissues, removing obstructions and extracts stuck blood, promoting the free flow of blood and fluids. It improves/regulates circulatory/neuromuscular systems and alleviates musculoskeletal pain by reducing swelling due to stasis as well as many other benefits. Stationary and moving cupping available.